Sometimes a title is just a placeholder. October has enough going on that the word "occupied" best fits our circumstances. To start with, Ken has begun to layer cob siding! This is simply monumental and years in the waiting. It is surprisingly fun to spread a wall with your hands!

The kitchen has seen marked improvement with soffits above the cabinetry, ceiling beams, crown molding, and the installation of lights above the island. Progress has also been made on the rangehood, but we would like to put a couple of finishing touches on that before presentation!

Last Saturday morning the 7th, saw our annual Women's Retreat with Sarah Stevenson as our guest speaker. She was a blessing to over 60 women who attended; there was great fellowship and worship surrounding this time. We have intentions of beginning retreats for men and families in upcoming years, as our facilities allow.

Upcoming is the Bethany Farm Fall Festival, postponed due to a hardy summer, now set for Saturday the 14th. This is the kind of event that Bethany Farm loves to host as an excuse for people to gather and "taste and see that the Lord is good". There will be plenty of goodies and good times to be had!

Also, we're in the books with a booth at The Navigators Conference which is new for Bethany Farm. God has always provided teachers and counselors for camp, so we're excited to see who might appear through this opportunity to network with a biblically solid organization.

Please pray for the women of this years retreat, that the teaching and conviction would lead to desire for the word and godly living. Please pray for the provision of a good location to continue our ministry in Kids For Christ. Please pray that God would bring about provision for Bethany Farm through the Navigators conference.

May God's grace and peace be with you.

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