It is the last month of summer, along the roadways around here the sumac patches are beginning to turn from their strong green to brilliant crimson. The changing of seasons is one thing Iowa does well, whether abrupt or by phases.


August sees the beginning of the new school year, and while camp has little tie in to that as of yet, the universality of that function on schedules plays a portion in our own schedules. Summer could be called "uninhibited". We have been getting back into the swing of things after camp season with major cleaning of our facilities, refreshing walkways, and general grounds improvement amidst personal goals best achieved in this slow month -actively speaking- of camp.


Speaking of personal goals, Ken has been hard at work on his house and is nearing time for enclosing the outer walls, this is very exciting news for all of us. If all proceeds well, we're planning a sort of "barn raising" only adjusted for the circumstances of "wall raising".

Lastly, this year's fall festival is set for September 23rd, from 4:30-9:30pm. This is a special event hosted by Bethany Farm including a hay ride, pumpkin carving, campfire, and all those goodies associated with fall. There are hopes we'll even be able to do a cider pressing! Making memories for people based around good fellowship is a part of tasting what God's goodness is. Bethany Camp is all about sharing the gospel clearly in a context of love, friendship, and discipleship.

Please pray for Ken and Sue Jordan as they work hard towards the possibility of moving to their new home before winter (more likely in the spring). Please pray for our staff as we organize for the fall schedule including the festival, women's retreat, and youth conferences with the Navigators, and The Salt Company following in springtime. Please pray for Groves as they begin hosting Jr and Sr high youth groups with the new school year. Please pray for our Groundskeeper, Benjamin Bretey, as he seeks the Lord in college training and transition to full-time staff here at Bethany. Your prayers are truly a vital part of this ministry.

May God's grace and peace be with you.

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